• Robust system with built-in stabilizer
  • Built in Shaker with variable speed & duration
  • Results printing in matrix mode format
  • Option to run multiple blank in Cut-Off mode
  • Bichromatic Readings
  • Ability to read from any strip in a single plate
  • Extensive curve plotting
  • Unique circuitry for long life lamp
  • Facility to enter clinic name

Washwell Plate

  • Specially designed manifold assempbly to prevent any scratching on bottom of well
  • User programmable soak time, wash cycle and dispensing volume.
  • On board two plate incubator at 37o C with programmable timer
  • Waste bottle full warning with audible alarm
  • Built in stabilizer
  • Continous aspiration to prevent overflow
  • Removable manifold
  • Ability to wash single strip of 8 wells
  • Auto detection of bottom of wel and collisin prevention


  • Robust system with built in stabilizer.
  • Extensive programming modes like Absorbance, Single standard, Multi standard, Cut off and % Absorbance.
  • Latest technology with batter backup for 125 test with Calibration curves.
  • Robust in built 20 column Thermal printer with 384 stationary heads.
  • Unique Pause mode to use the analyser in absence of printer.
  • Extensive curve plotting
  • Ability to read single well
  • Unique circutry for long lamp life
  • Facility to enter clinic name

Washwell Strip

  • Built in stabiliser
  • Waste bottle with single well / multiple wells.
  • Ability to wash U, V and Flat bottom wells.
  • Waste bottle full warning with audible alarm
  • Overflow protection through continuous aspiration
  • Cross wash facility
  • Auto detection of bottom of welll and coliision prevention
  • Optional built-in Incubator 37o C (Factory set) with programmable timer.